Cabin Fever!

Many of you may know that I now work from home most of the time. There are some advantages to this but as I am finding out there are some disadvantages! Most recently I think I have been suffering from Cabin Fever! The weather has been crappy here (clouds and snow for the last several weeks) and I find that I while I work from home I don’t go out very often. I am hoping that this will change soon with my golf club opening, but even that has been late this year due to weather!

This past weekend I decided that I didn’t want to spend a whole bunch of time sitting at my computer and basically avoided it for most of the weekend. But with the long weekend and the bad weather, I found myself complaining that there was nothing to do. I istened to all of my podcasts, watched the Masters and finally found myself playing on the Xbox 360 for about 8 hours!

Hopefully things will change soon. The weather appears to be getting a little better and Elbow Springs may open tomorrow morning! Hopefully today’s warm weather will dry it out a little. At least it looks positive for the weekend. I am going stir crazy as I have a new driver to test out and decide if I want to keep or return it to the store.

Soccer season will soon be upon us too and I’ll be able to get out and coach a little and be in the sun. Maybe the long cold winter is finally over!



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