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Following up on my post from yesterday, I sent an email to the email address for information on the site. Today I actually got a reply from them. Is there a DVD in the works???

Are there plans to release Jetstream on DVD in the next little while? This has been an amazing show that my whole family has enjoyed. My 10 year old daughter named one of her stuffed animals Riel after watching.

If there will be a DVD release is there any way of being notified of a release date?

Is another series planned?


Stephen Kennedy

Calgary, Alberta

The response that I received today!

Thanks so much for writing, and for your kind words about Jetstream. It’s so great to hear about families being able to watch the show together. I’ve forwarded your email to the series producers and directors at Paperny Films, the production company behind the show.

There’s no official word yet on a DVD release, but we’ve had a number of requests, so hopefully it will be in the works. I’d recommend checking back on the Jetstream website — — for updates.

As for related series, Paperny is currently in pre-production on a series called "Battle School" about our ground troops. I don’t have any more information than that at this time, but keep checking back with their website — — for news.

Thanks again for writing, and for watching the show!


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  • Canuck:

    I too loved Jetstream. I plan to purchase the DVD set for my nephew for his B-Day in Sept.

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