My Singing Debut – Warning not for sensitive ears!!! I Suck!

While on our recent cruise, SWMBO (She who must be obeyed) and I were walking through the Schooner bar on the Rhapsody to go see the game show going on in the Shall We Dance Lounge on the very first night. The Schooner bar is really just a bar that is on either side of the hallway leading to the lounge. We had just attended the welcome aboard show where Derek Lewis gave us a sample of his Adult Daycare at Night program in the Schooner bar. SWMBO was in front of me as we started walking through were Derek was performing, then suddenly she was behind me. In a fog I kept walking and was stopped by Derek the Entertainer who wanted to talk to me. Little did I know that this was a part of his show, Kamakazee Karaokee, where he grabs unsuspecting people and forces them to sing… Uh oh!

When Derek found out I was from Calgary he asked if I knew the Rodeo Song! Being a Calgarian the answer was, Duh, Yeah! Anyway the song that was picked for me was the Beach Boys California Girls. I was told that I was to hold the Mic like a Rock Star from Calgary and not a Campfire Girl from Medicine Hat (I was impressed, her knew a little about Alberta)! If I did not know the medley I was to read the lyrics in a loud and dramatic fashion. What’s attached is my rendition. Although it is pretty horrible, it is not as bad as some of the others that were out there and not quite as bad as William Hung (American Idol)!

After my number my business manager and SWMBO was given a “recording contract” for me to come to the CD release party on the final night of the cruise where I could hear my performance… Here it is! Again a warning, if you can’t stand nails screeching on a blackboard you may not want to listen to this!!

We spoke with Derek after the show and he asked about the Rodeo Song. Knowing I had it on my MP3 Player, I told him I would burn a CD with it on it for him. We gave him the CD with the song and a few other party favorites (Gay Eskimo).

We saw Derek a few times during the week and he had learned the Rodeo Song and said we would do it the final night! Saturday Night rolled around and we went to the release party. Derek saw me and called me up and we did the Rodeo Song, Uncensored, Although he couldn’t sing some of the words, I could! Well that was fun! Here is a link to our Rodeo Song performance. Be warned not only can I not sing, there is explicit language (several of the few words you still can’t say on TV).

I take no responsibilty to damage to your hearing after listening to this!!!

 Rodeo Song

I admit it is awful but I had fun doing it!




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  • Mary Stamper:

    Hey Steve…nice singing…enjoyed….I was recently on the Alaskan Cruise with RC…and caught Derek singing “The Devil Went Down to Georgie” Would you happen to have that recording or know where I could buy some of Derek Lewis’ music? Sure would appreciate…

    Mary (Hoosier Dolly)

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