Net Neutrality, Sign the Petition Now!

You may have heard the term Net Neutrality recently on the Internet. Here is the definition posted on the website:

While the definition of net neutrality is open to some debate, at the core is the commitment to ensuring that Internet service providers treat all content and applications equally with no privileges, degrading of service or prioritization based on the content’s source, ownership or destination.Michael Geist
Most Internet Service Providers in Canada will throttle back the bandwidth you are paying for if you are using applications like Bit Torrent to download files or visit some sites other than their own. I feel that there is no problem with them capping my allowed bandwidth based on what I am paying for, but they should not have the right to throttle back my connection simply because I am using an application or visiting a site that is not their own.

I encourage all clients, friends and your friends to visit the site, read up on it and sign the petition. In fairness you can only sign the petition once from you IP address so you may only be able to add one signature from your home account. Visit Net Neutrality in Canada at or click on the link in the right hand column.



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