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Something Stupid!

I do use this blog as a personal blog as well as a test website for my hosting business. Well today I was doing an upgrade to WordPress and the upgrade failed. Of course I hadn’t done a backup of the site before I started as all previous upgrades have gone without a hitch!
So I run the upgrade it fails, then I uninstall and reinstall WordPress hoping that my data will still be there! Whoops restart and everything is gone. So I look for an old back here at home and I can’t find one on any of my PCs. I end up calling my hosting providor and ask if they can restore from the backup. 30 minutes later I have my data back! Thank you!
I lost my themes and some little tweaks I had made but no big deal as I will start testing some new themes on this site now. I am also hoping to post more on this site in the next little while!