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Mercury Transit, I saw some of it

Mother Nature was nice enough today, I managed to see about an hour and 10 minutes of the transit of Mercury across the Sun today before it clouded over! I wasn’t disappointed as I had to attend a meeting anyway and would not have been able to stay out longer.

I grabbed about 100 pictures and will post a few as soon as I process and resize. All in all a very good day and I am happy. Those that missed will have to wait about 8 years until the next one though.


11:48 AM and so far it looks good for the Mercury Transit

A few patches of clouds but I should be able to catch a few early shots.. Unfortunately I have to run out later for a meeting so I will have to shut down early today! Stay tuned for photos if things go well!



Sirius Canada subscribers, Finally listen via the net!

I got an email today from Sirius Canada indicating that we can finally listen to our radio subscriptions across the Internet! This is something that US subscribers have been able to do for some time and was expected in Canada last spring. That day is here!

If you are a Sirius subscriber and have not received an email yet, contact Sirius customer services to get your login account ID and password!


Nov 8th Mercury Transit

A treat for all astronomers on the the 8th of November 2006. The planet Mercury will be able to be seen transiting the face of our star, the sun.

If you have a telescope with proper solar filters (never look at the sun with your naked eyes, or with a telescope or binoculars with proper solar filters) you will be able to see this event take place over 5 hours.

Starting at 12:12PM MST Mercury will be visible against the sun’s surface. If the weather stays clear I will try and get some pictures to post on my site so stay tuned!