Another reason why I prefer flying Westjet!

I am sitting here in Vancouver Airport waiting for a flight. Usually when I travel on business I always try to find the latest flight I might need. For example I am booked to return to Calgary on the 7:30 flight today. Fortunately or (unfortunately), we finished our work up early today (1:30PM) so I have loads of time to kill. Flying with Westjet is great as when I checked in I asked if there was room on the 4 PM flight. They told me there was loads of room and for 20.00 + GST I could fly standby. If I don’t get on that flight there are 2 more before my scheduled departure. Compared to trying to change an Air Canada flight this is way cheaper. I don’t have to pay a change fee or a ticket differential fee. I might have paid the 20.00 and not get on but unless 20 or 30 people decide they are flying to Calgary on that flight I should be fine.

Westjet’s flexibility is just another reason why I try to fly them whenever I can. In addition I didn’t have to stand in line to make the change and it was all done very quickly.

An Update… I was able to get on the 4:00 pm flight and was home 3.5 hours earlier than expected. Even my 1 piece of checked luggage made it aboard!



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