Beware of cruising from Galveston!!!

If you are planning to take a cruise with one of the cruise lines that departs from Galveston, beware of transportation issues, especially if you arrive at Bush Intercontinental! There is no easy (or inexpensive) way to get from Houston to Galveston! So far the best option I have been able to come up with was to book a hotel near IAH and then rent a car from Enterprise and frdrop iot off in Galveston (additional 40.00 fee)! Still much cheaper than what the cruise line offered us and wil probably work better tool Unfortunately the Cruise company we booked through was unfamiliar with the area. They found us a great package but the Hotel was at Hobby airport and required a 60.00 USD (approx) cab ride from IAH to the Hotel!

After having hotel reservations screwed up on a business trip a couple of months ago, I always double check everything well in advance now!


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