New Category Added

I have just created a new category here called My Reading. This will contain Brief descriptions of books that I am reading or listening to from my Audible account. Check back if you want some ideas on what you can read.

For anyone that is interested in audio books, I have an account with This is a monthly subscription, I have the Platinum Subscription, that gives me 2 credits a month for 22.95 USD, where I can download one or usually 2 audio books a month. While I find I have to really concentrate when I am listening to a book, I really like the experience.

I like the audio book format as I can listen when in my car, lying in bed or sitting somewhere. Often I find that I get more immersed in a book while listening. I do have to watch out that I don’t try doing something that involves too much concentration or I’ll start to zone away from the book.

You can try this out. The Twit Podcast network, is sponsored by Audible so they give users a free audio book to try it out. Just find one of their codes to sign up and try a book. Audible, supports a great many devices, except for the Zune, so books are playable on most devices. I have found many great books that I am enjoying via the suggestions in the Podcasts.  Audible has over 45,000 titles so you are sure to find a book that you will enjoy.

Try out audible if you want and keep coming back to see some of my reading suggestions.


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