Saving 5.00 could cost you more – Way to go Air Canada

Seen the TV commercials lately for Air Canada? How you can fly your way? Here’s a little scenario that you might find interesting and I actually stumbled upon (I read the fine print).

I recently had a ticket purchased for me to fly Air Canada for a day trip. When asked, I said no luggage as I didn’t think I would have any. When the ticket came the no luggage option was selected and the buyer saved 5.00. The day before I was set to go I decided that I would have one of my distributers send an order to me in Vancouver while I was there and I would bring it back with me (1 box weighing 10 lbs). This way I would get it faster and shipping shouldn’t be as much.

When I did my web check and actually read the terms and conditions of the Tango fare, I was surprised to see that if I changed my mind and decided to use baggage check , I would have to pay 50.00 each way! So for saving 5 bucks and changing your mind you get penalized big.

Hmmm, think I’ll stick with Westjet. Where I can take two bags and still carry 60lbs more than AC (70lbs per bag vs 40 fr AC unless your First Class then it is 50)!

Another thing with the Tango ticket… If you miss your plane you lose your money! No refunds no changes. Again this is a case of buyer beware!



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