Great Series – Jetstream

I have to hand it to Discovery Channel Canada. They put together another amazing reality show! I just caught the end of the last episode of Jetstream, a show that followed Canadian CF18 Fighter Pilot trainees with the 410 Squadron at Cold Lake. I am hoping that Discovery puts this show out on DVD! I would purchase immediately!

Since I was a kid and to this day I love absolutely everything that has to do with fighter planes and the people that fly them.

If you haven’t caught any of the show, I am sure Discovery Canada will be re running it over the next little while, but you can see excerpts and catch ups at or visit the show site at

Even my 10 year old daughter was fascinated by this show. If you liked the movie Top Gun you are sure to love this show!


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  • Hi Stephen,
    This is Kerry from the c6s group. I also love this series. I can’t believe how much Discovery channel was allowed to show on-air. Anyway, it was a dream of mine to be a fighter pilot till I realized that you had to have perfect vision. Instead I ended up joining air cadets and got my glider pilots license. Unfortunatly I haven’t kept up with it. Life takes you down so many different paths. … but I’m sure that I’ll get back into flying again.

  • Hi Kerry,
    Actually I was really surprised at what they showed. I have personally flown once and loved it (the Mrs. bought me an introductory lesson). I have flown on the computer since PCs have been around both regular flying and Fighter sims. My one experience in flying a Cessna, I was asked to take off, climb and turn. The instructor asked again if I had ever flown before, and I said no. He then said I would be bored with the usual intro stuff and asked if I wanted to do Spins and Stalls! Of course I said yes!
    That’s the only time I have ever come to truly losing my lunch but it was so much fun!
    I looked into getting my RP and then to my full license but the time, cost of the lessons and the other costs (life insurance, renting aircraft etc) I temporarily gave it up. Like yo maybe someday.

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